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Expeditions begin by pairing your executive team with a brotherhood of explorers— the exploradelphia. These are not merely seasoned, machete-weilding pith helmet wearers, they are executive-level explorers, assembled by their expertise and by the objectives of the commission. Here are a few.



is Chief Exploration Officer. A veteran international organizational and philanthropic strategist, his professional alliances and personal relationships span the globe while his proven exploration methodology delivers on discovery. More…



is based in the United Kingdom as a chartered surveyor with background in European property management in the utility sector. President of the UK based 9 Yards LLC; most recently, David has been working with social sector start-ups to creatively link businesses and charities.


is Director of Moja University. He has an earned doctorate, author of eight books and has lectured extensively on entrepreneurship, social theory, economic theory, and innovation-related topics. He is the founder and editor emeritus of the Journal of Markets & Morality.  Stephen recently made his film depute in the series, For the Life of the World.


is Director of the Moja Foundation and the Executive Director and founding partner of the Stewardship Council.  While at an international think tank, Brett lead the development of a proprietary learning management system, developed the film series For the Life of the World and developed marketing and ancillary products around the series.



is a creative director and brand strategist specializing in enabling companies and non-profit organizations to thrive during periods of transitional change through revitalizing their stories in authentic and fresh ways.

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