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Seasons of Exploration

Our experience reveals four key times in an organization's lifecycle that are ideal for exploring.

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1. Startup & early ventures

2. Peaking success

3. Plateaued, facing decline

4. Nearing end of life

These are the times when the future is typically most unclear.

the exploration way


Our proprietary 7-part process provides a rigorous framework to guide your confidently forward.

Are you dreaming for something? Is it just out of reach? Does it seem impossible?  The Exploration Group is a company of explorers who guide. Helping executives in their pursuit of undiscovered opportunity, we've professionalized an exploration process that transforms thinking and delivers results.


Effective leaders in noble causes possess a good grasp of what’s needed next. What they often don't have is a surplus of risk capacity. Using our powerful ExPLORE℠ framework, we help executives to discover, analyze, connect, fund and implement their ideas that matter most.



Do you have an idea, a thought, a vision? Are you starting a new venture? Are you mired in operational deadlock? Or are you overwhelmed with possibility? The proven principles of exploration will lead your organization to what is next.


We’ve all heard the stories of great explorers. Rarely do we consider the processes and approaches they employed. Until now.


The ExPLORE℠ framework is the basis of every Exploration Group expedition. Expeditions can take three months or three years. The time-tested ExPLORE℠ framework enables your organization to realize new processes, new ideas and launch new industries. This framework is a 21st-century approach gleaned from careful analysis of historic explorers and their time-honored strategies for discovery.



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