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When the unexpected comes knocking

The Exploration Group was asked by an educational think tank to help them open doors in a new market. This was a great exploration that drew on all our connecting and discovery skills. The expedition was made up of people inside the organization and outside. From day one we could see that they were willing to embrace new ideas and take appropriate risk. It always felt like there was wind in our sails going full speed ahead.

What makes this organization a great commissioner is that they were open to try new Das things in a new way, knowing their core DNA. Because of that we are finding markets and opportunities that are fertile for growth. Some of the markets were desired and expected, others are in areas never anticipated and we are expanding beyond what anyone ever imagined possible.

Today this organization is robust, expanding and dynamic. What was the key? It was being willing to hire the best, give them the tools to succeed and being open to the unexpected discovery that matches their DNA and is Jersey not limited to their anticipated results.

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