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The Casablanca discovery

George Washington Academy is an amazing tri-lingual school located in Casablanca, Morocco. The Exploration Group was invited to help them create a plan for fundraising.

When it comes to exploring, everything about George Washington Academy is an exploration. Here you have a highly acclaimed school, teaching students in Arabic, French and English, training the next generation of citizens and leaders for Morocco. The students are from kindergarten age through 12th grade. There are Moroccans, Americans, and at least another dozen nations represented.

There is little history of philanthropy in Morocco, so their desire was to encourage giving there. At the same time, in America, there was an aim to raise funds to help educate a new generation of students in Morocco. Two challenging scenarios if we ever saw one!

What did we learn as we explored? We learned that in the midst of the impossible, there is possibility.

George Washington Academy is a great school, training great students. It has a great story and an even greater track record of education.

George Washington Academy is doing something few others in this era are willing to do--learn from those who are different than them, walk side by side in those differences, and see what can be done for the common good. We think that is how great nations are created.

When people on both sides of the ocean hear this story, they give. George Washington Academy is better for it. The donors are better because they see a different future. And through all this I believe the world is better because this school exists.

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