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Seeing...what is there, but not obvious

This week I was able to do my morning run in the backwoods of New Hampshire. Normally in March there would be snow on the ground and coldness in the air. Instead I had a clear view of stone fences and woods. cheap nba jerseys

I saw the woods and the trees in a new way. Many trees had buckets and taps attached to them. It is maple syrup time. The sap was running and people all over the state were collecting this yearly “fruit”.

For me trees have been wood for a house, logs in a fire place and furniture to sit in. In my yard trees bring shade to sit cheap jerseys under and leaves for raking. Now I see a new face of the tree. I see the sap inside the tree. It has always been there, I just did not see it before.

My hosts were part of this seasonal event You with pans on the stove Levitra slowly warming the syrup down to its sugary core. It took hours to cook and then in just a few minutes the sap can go from a delicious product MuhmadEmad that is ready for pancakes to a failure that is burned and put in the garbage.

As explorers the world is always before wholesale jerseys our eyes. We see things, but there is always more. There is value that is hidden, waiting to be discovered. For some it is seeing a river and envisioning a hydroelectric dam, for others it is hearing a story and from it creating a book. For The Exploration Group, it is hearing a dream and finding the path to get there. Usually that path is right before our eyes, but not yet seen.

There is a lesson here for explorers.

1. Look for what is beyond what you are seeing. 2. Take the time to find the desired discovery. 3. End the exploration when it is done. 4. When an exploration is done, unnecessary extra steps can ruin the discovery.

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