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Industry? Where Exploration Fits

The question comes all the time. Dwight, what industries does The Exploration Group work in? People ask about cheap jerseys manufacturing, or wholesale mlb jerseys services and even the financial industry. My answer is always the same. Post

“We eyes work in the exploration industry and the work of The Exploration Group applies to all industries. cheap jerseys online

Exploration is about discovery. Management is about management. Management works when you know what you have and cheap mlb jerseys where you are going. Management is about repetition. It is calculating the known factors toward an expected outcome. For those times, planning, efficiency and repetition is the Веселая goal.

When the outcome of a problem is unclear. When an opportunity is greater than you ever imagined. And when you are looking at factors that are unknown, you can’t manage your way to what is is next. The only way there is exploration.

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