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Explorers... the craftsmen of discovery

Before there were CEO's, before there were managers, before there were consultants, there were Explorers. Explorers were the craftsmen of Discovery.

Explorers live and think in the world of "what if " and "what could be." Managers think about "what is." And for that reason it is time to rediscover Exploration for today, not as a hobby, but as a vocation, in the 21st century.

Prior to 1900, there was a sense that we did not know everything and that there were areas yet to be discovered. With the discovery of the North and South Poles there was a belief that everything to be discovered in the world had been discovered. At the same time, with the ascension of the industrial age, we moved away from the world where craftsmen, like the blacksmith, glassblower, and the carpenter, built things by hand. The machine replaced the man and mass production was seen as superior to hand production.

During that time The Exploration Group believes we moved from the world of exploration to the world of management. We moved from the world of "what could be" to the world of "this is the way it is." When that occurred, the overarching narrative moved from exploring to managing, and with that we put blinders on. Taking a chance was seen as risky rather than being the road to new discoveries.

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