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Explorers... different than consultants

Last Friday evening I was on the airplane home from cheap nba jerseys Cleveland. The typical “what do you do” conversation starts with the distinguished lady sitting next to me. I say I am an explorer. To which she replies, “So your a consultant?” To which I reply, “No, explorers are different than consultants.” She asks me to explain as we move into a thoughtful conversation.

I start talking about how explorers take people from what is in the realm of the unknown and desired to what is in the realm of the known, desired and then realized. When you seek direction in the realm of the unknown, management cannot move you forward, only exploration can do that.

My understanding comes from the realization that before there was a world of management there was the world of discovery. There were processes that were used to bring about new discoveries. Today we cheap nfl jerseys tend to have the assumption that we know everything and we just have to figure out how to put the parts together. Pre 1900, there was a sense that not everything was known. Items were made by hand and vast geographic areas were still known to not be explored.

Consultants tend to (I want to be careful to not overstate this) start with something that wholesale mlb jerseys is known and des seek to move Exploration it to another point that is known container and desired.

The process difference there, occurs when an idea is starting in the New realm of the unknown. Explorers started with the end goal in mind, but they did not know how to get there. IN They had to find the landmarks and create the map. When that cheap nfl jerseys occurs there is room for the unexpected discovery, time for pondering options and routes that are not straight lines and to create the maps that others Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys follow.

So, are you heading into the known or the unknown? Does your organization need a consultant or an explorer?

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