Executives must ponder Part One

It is one of the most difficult tasks for an executive to prioritize and accomplish, let alone justify to others. Pondering is hard because it takes time.

The Exploration Group defines pondering as scheduled time to consider, think about and mull over an idea that is not defined or fully shaped. It is planned, but a disconnect from business as usual. This use of time often appears like the executive is not working, is off task or even worse, having fun. Golf? Running? Sailing? Reading?

In a managed world, with its need for repetition and continuity, it is discontinuity that often brings new insight. When executives go along the same processes with the same people toward the same goal they will get the same results.

Pondering creates the distraction from business-as-usual so that something new can be discovered. Day to day operations are always demanding. There is always something that needs to be done today that will absorb today’s time and energy.

In reflecting back on the twenty-plus expeditions The Exploration Group has led, the need for pondering was in each. In some cases the pondering had already been started by the Commissioner who had commissioned us— often a President or top level Vice President. They realized the opportunity was larger than their capacity to undertake it buy cheap cialis online.

Other times the Commissioner knew there was something “out there” they needed to find. But they knew they were over-invested in what currently existed. They knew they needed a “fresh set of eyes and ears” to ponder for them and see beyond today. One Commissioner saw what needed to be done in their organization, had the skills to do it, but recognized they did not have the time to do it. So they commissioned The Exploration Group to do it for them. Their cost-benefit analysis revealed the simple trade off was a no-brainer.

When I look around I see products, processes and strategies that were pondered at some point before they began. As an explorer, I wonder what people are pondering today that will be an essential in my life ten years from now.

Go ponder! Your next great idea has a world that is waiting to buy it.

Part Two Pondering…How to do it?

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