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Lighten the load for 2015

Lighten the load. It’s a term Explorers know well. When there is danger, when there is opportunity, when there is a need to move faster, it may be time to lighten the load.

For Explorers of previous eras it meant getting rid of the sewing machine from the Conestoga wagon cialis online cheap. It meant throwing the ballast overboard from the ship or getting rid of old tools not needed for the next steps in the journey.

For the 21st century Explorer, lightening the load looks very different. It may mean dropping oneself from an email list, refocusing ones time, cleaning out excess stuff or changing a habit.

While the times change, the need to lighten the load doesn’t. In order to grasp what is next, it may mean that something from the past needs to be eliminated or changed. New skills may be needed, or a new job is required. What does lightening the load mean for your organization? What will help you take advantage of all that 2015 could be?

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