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Hope and the moment before

I sit in anticipation. It is the moment before. I have been here many times, and I can’t wait.

What is the moment before?

It is a moment of supreme hope and expectancy. It is when we have been commissioned to lead an Expedition in search of a new discovery. We are with an organization and their leaders, approaching the ridge where we expect to see the hoped-for vista. We have been searching. We have been wondering. We have been waiting where to buy cialis online. We have been working. All senses are alive in anticipation. We know something is about to change. But it has not happened yet. And we do not fully know what this new reality will look like.

What will life be, after the discovery, after the change?

In change there is a before and then an after. Think about life before the light bulb, Thomas Edison, and then after. Think about communications before the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell and then after. Then think about your office before the transistor, Bell Labs and then after. Think before man on the moon, and then after.

When we are in the “before” it is usually impossible to comprehend what the “after” will look like. Even so, the attempt to envision it is critical. It’s a necessary part of hope. What will change? Will our lives change? Will our processes change?

Exploration is the process of the “before” that is hoping for and actively pursuing a new “after.”

What are you seeking and hoping for in your business? What are you envisioning it could be? We’ve learned from the great explorers that there’s a method to get there.

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