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National Geographic accepts our grant proposal

We’ve just submitted a very exciting expedition grant application to National Geographic. We haven’t been awarded the grant, nor are we even a finalist yet. But we wanted everyone to know we’ve made it over the first hurdle, just getting our proposal accepted. Watch our 2-minute video pitch here.

This is a project I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Uncovering key methods of the Great Explorers, we’ll put these principles in the hands of today’s new generation of explorers. We’ve already done a lot of this work, but the grant would help us take it to the next level.

The plan is to codify these methods and make them accessible for everyday explorers by way of an online field guide. We’ll combine traditional research, crowdsourcing technology and a proprietary app/device platform to make these impossibly far-reaching principles usable in anyone’s hands. The idea is to turn everyday experiences into Expeditions with the potential to discover amazing new things everywhere. There’s so much yet to discover!

Special thanks to David Vermeesch, Evan Koons, Jason Baker and Stephen Grabill for their support, encouragement and assistance in developing this proposal check my reference. It’s been a great expedition so far!

If you think this is an expedition worth following, please share it from our project page on the National Geographic website.

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